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Just how much is too much ???

Posted by prakash on Monday, 31 May, 2010

How far can one really go and yet justify their deeds as absolutely necessary? I have pondered over this question every now and then. And more often than not, it was a direct result of an event occurring in the middle east.

How many settlements can Israel build on occupied land, how many Arabs can it evacuate to make way for satellite townships, how many barriers and check posts can it erect in the name of security, and how much of Palestinian blood it is allowed to spill, before the world feels, it is too much !!!

The latest military action of Israel, in response to violent protesters is yet another addition to the already huge list of human rights violations, Israel inflicts on anyone or anything sympathizing to the Palestinian suffering.


Israel Palestinians


As always, the US, and the UK tread cautiously in their respective statements, with no intent to place blame on Israel. I find their reaction laughable, especially that of the US, despite Israel’s open defiance with respect to settlements in the West Bank.

The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained, and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy - White House

I deplore the loss of life… We have consistently advised against attempting to access Gaza … There is clear need for Israel to act with restraint and in line with international obligations - UK Foreign Secretary

EU and the UN, also followed-up the event with their words of condemnation. But it wont be long before the event is buried under the archives of news studios and in the memories of people anticipating “Peace ever after”. However all that remains and thrives after these incidents is hatred against the perpetrators and its allies.


Does it really matter? Does it matter how millions, if not billions, of people like me, view today’s tragic events?

I fail to find logic to the remotest sense that could explain, the harm, a few tonnes of aid pose to the security of Israel? Why does there has to be a military operation after all? For that matter, why does there has to be an aid ship? How does blocking supplies to 1.5 million Gazan’s, help protect Israel?

Here I am, again, expressing my disgust, in my mute voice. I protest at the cowardly surrender of the world and its impotent leaders, towards the high-handedness of Israel and its brute use of force on the people of Palestine.

At this point, I am aptly reminded of a mathematical analogy that mocks the middle-east peace process. The decaying sinusoidal wave.


With its peaks of violence, and dots of zero’s(peace), it remains to be seen, how long does this wave of uncertainty continue until it decays to an ever lasting harmonious existence !! Does any of the current leaders have the caliber to deliver, and quicken the decaying process ?? Or will this wave of violence continue for ever.

If peace is such a distant dream, the least I would expect is the world to speak up against the atrocities of Israel and finally say, “Enough is Enough”!!