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Common man’s take on the Samsung Omnia HD i8910

Posted by prakash on Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

Its been over 2 months since I possess the power and the might of the Samsung Omnia HD :) and have been impressed with some features, enjoyed some with awe, but sadly disappointed at some key features !! Now i feel obliged to pass on this knowledge to the other Omnia fans !! What makes me write this is, nearly every review out there, is centered too much on the core features that makes it stand out among its peers, all the while ignoring other equally important aspects of the phone.

Ok !! enough with the crap, here we go …


@my Likes List

  • The 3.7in AMOLED display is a delight to watch. One of the best, if not already the best, displays available in the market today. Holding it in your hands,  one is welcomed with a treat of colors.
  • The Photo Contacts: One has the possibility to add pictures under the photo contacts and flip through them to get to the one, one needs. Added to that, one can draw up small rectangles and link them to a contact in the phone book. Imagine you have a picture of a friend with his family. So one can simply draw rectangles, over all the faces or where ever one likes and then link each of them to their corresponding phone book contacts. This way, i can flip to this picture and call anyone of the family, without having to search through the phone book for the contact details.
  • The capicitative touch screen, is highly responsive
  • Views: I loved the 3D view and the support for 3 desktops where one can organize the widgets in what ever order one likes.
  • Cool office applications: For people who like to read on the go. Document viewers available for Word, PDF, Powerpoint and Excel from Open office. Of course, now every other smart phone out there offers these applications. However, to create new documents(I dont see why would anyone like to do that on a smart phone) one need to purchase a license.
  • Multimedia Beast: Beast is what suits aptly to describe the multi-media capabilities of this phone. The video player is so cool that one fails to notice that it is being played on a smart phone. Moving the current play position either forward or backward(one of the most commonly used functionality in video watching) works really fast. The following codecs are supported
    1. Audio: MP3/WMA/WAV/RA/AAC/M4A
    2. Video: AVI(DiVX/XviD)/WMV/RV/MP4/3GP/FLV
  • Excellent video recording –> I dont have to say anything more about this since you will definitely enjoy it !!
  • Camera –> The 8MP camera with a whole bunch scenerios that one finds on any digital camera, and a very intuitive user menu, makes it one of the best features, why one likes to have it.

@my Could have been better list

  • Audio player: Offers a simulated, 5.1 surround sound SW button, but i failed to notice any perceptible difference in the sound quality
  • The Audio player is good but is definitely not the walkman offered by Sony Ericsson. I miss my W800i, my favorite music player ever.
  • Battery life: I guess, this is a common smart phone problem. For a device that supports, such a bright display, i find the battery life pretty impressive. However, what i find disappointing is when the top four power lines disappear, it wont take long before it starts to squeak for ‘power’. With a lot of video watching and some web-surfing with WiFi, it lasts around 1day or a max of 1.5days.
  • Widgets: The widgets are not resizable.
  • Web browsing:
    • The inbuilt web browser is not very impressive and will be annoying to an iPhone user where the browsing experience is incredible.
    • The zoom functionality in the web browser also is annoying at times, when one likes to scroll through the page by moving your finger up or down.
    • When the page is zoomed in, a box appears showing the current position of the screen. Given the small visible area, i find the screen really annoying and in no way helpful.

@my Hate List

  • Kinetic scrolling: A mush have among smart phones is missing. Although Samsung seems to have promised a firmware update with Kinetic scrolling very soon.
  • Auto Image Rotation: I find it laughable that the image auto rotation does not work in the MediaBrowser application. Where as in the File browser it works. And what is even more annoying is through the file browser, once cannot scroll through the next image.
  • Lack of good apps. There exists so few apps that using the Omnia HD might at times, feel boring for lack of refreshment through new apps. Samsung launched its app store as late as September’ 2009. I’ve been constantly browsing through the store, but it constantly fails to interest me.
  • As soon as a call is made the screen is locked, guess to avoid accidental pressing. But it has been a very very annoying experience to me, especially when i like to use the phone book or even worse when i want to use the dialler. I once called a hotline where I had to choose the right menu from a list of services offered, by pressing a number on the dialler. But as soon as the call is made, the screen is locked and  I had to press the lock key to reactivate it again. Did that, chose the right menu and put it close to the ear again to hear another list of sub menus, and i once again had to press the lock key and a button to get to the dialler. It was pretty annoying, since not all hotlines have the time to wait for us to do that.
  • This is more of a third party problem than that of the device itself. One can find a whole list of must have freeware apps for the Samsung Omnia HD. One among them is Opera Web browser. It is a rather advanced browser with kinetic scrolling, but comes with some minor drawbacks. It supports its own keyboard to type in web addresses in the address bar. Unfortunately, it is pretty slow and it could be annoying to an impatient user. Also, the software is buggy. I cannot tell you how, but ever third time i used it, i was able to crash it.
  • Samsung has built-in a few GPS based applications, which i find as useless. I dont see any use and the need for such applications, when the same time could have been applied to develop other innovative applications.
  • Lack of themes and the few that are available are buggy
  • Editing: Opening and closing the edit window with the querty keyboard, takes around, 1-2 seconds.

Well, this is all, i can remember now. Will keep updating it as and when it strikes me !!

All in all a very impressive piece of hardware but with a not-so-intelligent software. In this ever competitive smart phone segment, one can only hope that Samsung gets smart enough to push for app development.